== Welcome to the Rules ==

Here in Family Wiki there are rules, Please follow them all!

1. Be kind to everyone
2. Don't spam or you will be blocked
3. No plagiarizing * Me and the admins will check all the articles and see if they are plagiarized *
4. No bad/rude/bad comments or will be blocked for weeks. * Only say " Plagiarized "if it is *
5. If you have ever been blocked on this wiki, you CANNOT be an administrator.
6. If you are going to end a movie/tv episode. PLEASE put a spoiler alert at begging to end.
7. If writing a song, you MUST have lyrics. And get a X sticker.

Questions Edit

What happens if I got blocked but got really kind and generous and ready for the admin spot?
THE OWNER can think about it.

How long will the block be when I said a rude/bad/bad comments?
It matters how hurtful to someone or bad the word can be.

What is the X sticker?
The X sticker is where you get a warning, Have 3 and get blocked.

Have more questions?

Post in the discussion page and your questions will be answered.